3 May 2020


It is during these strange times of confinement, thinking of human vulnerability and dispensability on this planet that we started looking at the sky. Loosing ourselves in the immensity of the Blue. Wherever our eyes gazed, no human activity. We never experienced this and will eventually never again do so. The blue sky, probably more than anything else, confronts us with the Absolute, the Unfathomable. It is a window through which one can escape and loose oneself. 

Why do we look up in the azure? Where are we heading to? Are we hoping for answers, for help to do the right decisions? Pandemic, crisis, worldwide turmoil: how do we handle them? Are the measures taken really the best we can do?

The coronavirus took its toll on our family too. Our uncle left us far too soon, locked in his room at an elderly’s home with window handles removed. He didn’t deserve such a passing. He certainly dreamt of escaping, of opening the window, while grasping for his last breath…

May you rest in peace Gaby.