Xinjiang – Untitled
29 September 2016


“Xinjiang – Untitled” focuses on the relation between Uyghur people and the Taklamakan desert.
It is a formal approach to the region’s modernization.The desert is a metaphor of the disappearing Uyghur culture.
Most of the photos were taken in the oasis town of Hotan, which was once a stop on the Silk Road from China to Europe. The Muslims reputedly triumphed over the Buddhists there in the 10th century. Today it is the Han Chinese who are putting pressure on the once dominant culture of the Muslim Uyghurs. Since the discovery of extensive gas and oil reserves in the Taklamakan desert, the Chinese government has made massive investments in infrastructure in the area, including an elaborate network of roads.


PX3 2012 Honorable Mention
PX3 2012 People’s Choice Silver Medal
PX3 2012 People’s Choice 1st category Winner feature story Press Pro
PX3 2012 People’s Choice 1st category Winner travel/tourism Press Pro
Solo Exhibition Fribourg, Switzerland 2013. 

Roadside hut - Roadside hut and advertisement board for caterpillars trucks and cars. A flagrant contrast beween, the ancient times and the modern ones. Hotan, Xinjiang, China 2012. - Copyright © © S. Borcard - N. Metraux -